Airwatergreen and DMA Latvija ( have signed a distributor agreement


Airwatergreen and DMA Latvija ( have signed a distributor agreement to provide the Latvian market with comprehensive support and greater access to our industry leading energy efficient dehumidifiers.

SIA DMA Latvija based in Riga has a long experience in providing products and services to the Waterindustry in Latvia. Now DMA Latvija launch the Airwatergreen FLEX and REX desiccant dehumidifiers, which remove condensation and moisture vapour to the Latvian market.

The robust dehumidification product range is designed for energy efficient water vapour removal whatever temperature or season. The cost-effective humidity control inhibits mould propagation to improve sanitation, mould mildew control, prevents damp, corrosion and building damage. The cost efficient plug’n play installation, without the need for ventilation ductwork makes these products suitable for small to large buildings above or below ground. Particularly buildings where a lower temperature is preferred as the dehumidifier efficiency is intact at all temperatures down to below zero.

The moisture content in the air is lowered by passing the air through the Airwatergreen desiccant dehumidifier. The intelligent dehumidifiers automatically respond as moisture levels and relative humidity (RH) levels rise above required conditions.

“This is a good expansion of our product portfolio for the water industry where challenges with too high levels of humidity is a costly challenge with unnecessary damage to buildings and equipment”, says Sanda Lūse at DMA Latvija (

“I look forward to working with the team at They have a solid experience and good understanding of the water industry being an industry where the advantages with our products are very relevant!”, says Bo Tiderman CEO at Airwatergreen.


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SIA DMA Latvija ( was founded in 2008; Riga, Latvia to be experience based engineering solutions company in Baltic States. We trust that success would come by offering our customers the best solution, services, quality and value. We prefer environmentally friendly and cost-effective problem solving for industry, properties, production and work environments. Our company improves the personalized experience by focusing on selection, capabilities and service to cumulate value for our customers.

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Sanda Lüse Bo Tiderman
SIA DMA Latvija CEO Airwatergreen