Airwatergreen improving the indoor climate at Wohlins

UPPSALA 210622

Wohlins Fryshus Logistik AB has decided to invest in Airwatergreen dehumidifier REX to handle the humidity level in the packaging hall for its cold storage building in Halmstad. When loading and unloading of goods, warm moist air often penetrates from opened doors in the unloading hall, which can lead to condensation and a risk for ice.

Using dehumidifiers to lower the humidity level to avoid condensation provides a safer working environment and a better climate for the goods being handled. Allowing the freezer units to reduce the moisture typically leads to ice formation and an increased energy consumption, as well as unnecessary wear on the freezer unit.

Airwatergreen dehumidifiers use less energy compared to traditional dehumidifiers and are equally effective at all temperatures. This makes them suitable for use in low tempered premises such as cold storage, tempered warehouses and other buildings where controlled indoor climate is important. Airwatergreen uses its own patented
technology that gives the products a number of unique benefits; low energy consumption, the same efficiency at all temperatures and the same efficiency at all relevant humidity levels. In addition, they are easy to install without the need to run unnecessary ventilation pipes.

Airwatergreen is an innovative company that was created around new methods for how to reduce water from the air in a more energy efficient way. Being able to help an innovative and environmentally-conscious company like Wohlins is stimulating!“, says Bo Tiderman, CEO of Airwatergreen AB.

We at Wohlins are constantly looking for energy and environmentally smart solutions to be able to give our customers the best solution!”, says Tomas Wohlin who is the CEO and Property Manager at Wohlins.

Wohlins Fryshus Logistik AB offers energy and environmentally smart solutions for warehousing, logistics and transport of frozen food. At Wohlins, it means smart problem solving and continuous competence building. We have total control of the entire logistics chain with unbroken freezer chains. Our focus is to solve our customers’ problems and to have order and order. We love structure, flexibility and speed. There you have a picture of our frozen world!