Dutch Eco Blue representing Airwatergreen in the Netherlands

Dutch Eco Blue B.V. have been signed as the official distributor for the Dutch market with our industry leading energy efficient dehumidifiers.

Dutch Eco Blue is an engineering company based in The Netherlands. They have a long and extensive experience in implementing market leading solutions related to air- and water quality for its customers. Airwatergreen energy efficient desiccant dehumidifiers is a good complement to their product offering.

Airwatergreen’s robust dehumidification product range is designed for energy efficient water vapor removal whatever temperature or season. The cost-effective humidity control inhibits mold propagation to improve sanitation, mold mildew control, prevents damp, corrosion and building damage. The cost efficient plug’n play installation, without the need for ventilation ductwork makes these products suitable for small to large buildings above or below ground. Particularly in buildings where a lower indoor temperature is preferred, as the dehumidifier efficiency is intact at all temperatures down to below zero.

The intelligent dehumidifiers operate independently to reach set values or can be connected to an existing control system or monitored and controlled remotely. 

Being the official distributor of the Airwatergreen range of dehumidifiers, we now have a complete product range for different types of humidity challenges. From small chambers to large industrial buildings and processes. Low energy consumption at all temperatures and humidity levels are important factors when selecting a dehumidifier to protect and preserve buildings and equipment from corrosion and mold.”, says Marc van den Broek co-founder at Dutch Eco Blue.

Dutch Eco Blue brings in knowledge and understanding for HVAC related solutions. We are proud to have Dutch Eco Blue on board to provide us with a good representation for our products in the Dutch market. Solid experience and good understanding for challenges related to humidity and ventilation for their customers!“, says Bo Tiderman CEO at Airwatergreen.

For more information please visit the website DutchEcoBlue or send an email.

About Airwatergreen
Airwatergreen AB is an air treatment company that offers energy-efficient air handling and dehumidification in all climates. We design and manufacture products that effectively control moisture and remove odor, which prolongs the life of buildings, goods and equipment, and creates a healthier workplace environment. The products are designed with a patented technology, a technology that gives the products a number of unique advantages. Advantages are half the energy needed, plug´n play installation and the same efficiency in all temperatures.
Today we have more than 600 installations in 8 different countries.

About Dutch Eco Blue
The accumulated specialist knowledge and experience in water and air purification, the unique range and the continuous development make Dutch Eco Blue an interesting partner for many to do business with. The solutions offered are not “me too” solutions and are characterised by performance, simplicity, compactness, user-friendliness, easy maintenance, efficiency and effectiveness and energy efficiency.

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DutchEcoBlue B.V.  CEO Airwatergreen
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