About Airwatergreen AB

The company’s vision is to become a world leader in energy-efficient air treatment!

The Idea

The company was founded in 2009 in Sweden by two young engineers who had invented a new method to create water from the moisture naturally present in the air using an energy-efficient method.

The original idea was to develop products to produce drinking water for people in water-scarce countries. That idea is now realized in the company Drupps – www.drupps.com

Airwatergreen has focused on products to create the right indoor climate!

The business

We develop, manufacture and sell products for dehumidification and air treatment in all climates from +50°C down to -20°C.

Our products create the desired indoor climate in an energy-efficient way to protect the quality and durability of buildings, products and equipment.

And to create a healthy indoor working environment!

The Innovation

Our products are based on our own patented technology which gives our products a number of unique advantages. The company holds a number of international patents and continuously invests in technology development.

Airwatergreen was selected as one of Sweden’s 33 most prominent technology companies in 2016 by the leading Swedish newspapers NyTeknik and Affärsvärlden.

Our future

An idea on how to produce drinking water from air led to energy-efficient dehumidification technology! Good for your electricity bill and good for the environment!

We continuously develop new products for controlling the climate in buildings for a market that is looking for more efficient solutions. New functionality and easy installation!

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