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Airwatergreen design, manufacture and sell air treatment products for all climatic conditions.

Dehumidifiers to control the air humidity and products to maintain a stable indoor climate controlling both the humidity level and the temperature.

Our products are designed using our patented methods. Methods that generate a range of unique advantages.

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we have more than 700 installations in 8 different countries.

According to the global goals for 2030, we will ensure access to sustainable, reliable and renewable energy.

Air Treatment products FOR ALL TYPES OF INDUSTRIES

“The Airwatergreen technology is leading the development in humidity control”

Per Ekstorm / Eskilstuna municipality

“With a good climate in our treatment plants, maintenance cost will be reduced”

Peter Svensson / Ystad Municipality

”This is the most cost efficient way to reduce the heating of the building”

Per Morin / Swedish Church, Växjö diocese