Airwatergreen dehumidification technology is well suited for installations in warehouses with a low temperature.

This is due to the fact that the dehumidifiers are just as energy efficient at low temperatures – down to minus degrees.

Airwatergreen products are also very easy to install without requiring unnecessary installation of ventilation pipes.

Since the dehumidifiers are mobile, they can also be easily relocated in case of major changes in the moisture load

With the right climate, you avoid problems and lower cost!

Maintaining a correct humidity level will address challenges with increased icing on cold surfaces such as the floor, the freezers, damage on goods. It will create safer  and more comfortable working conditions in general. This will lower the energy consumption and minimize maintenance cost!

Humidity is typically a challenge in buildings with a lower temperature. Warm humid air typically penetrates into the cold room due to the lower air pressure created inside. The humidity the condensate on cold surfaces :

  • The cold storage room: The dehumidifiers can either be positioned on the floor as “free-blowing” or in a separate room using ventilation ducts.
  • Loading room: Dehumidification in the loading part of the storage buiilding where the gates for entry and exit are located. Here, it is important to try and capture the humid air entering through gaps in the ports or during docking. Otherwise the humidity in the air will flow into the warehouse with the subsequent risk of ice formation on cold surfaces such as doors and on the floor.

Depending on air volumes and the amount of humidity to be reduced, different products may be relevant. REX is easy to install with its small footprint and mobility. The NEXT is recommended in larger buildings.

All our dehumidifier models are equipped for wireless or wired remote control and monitoring.