Airwatergreen products are easy to install and are energy efficient at all temperatures down to -20°C.

  • Eliminating defrost cycles will lower the energy consumption and protects the refrigeration system from unnecessary wear. It is easier to lower the temperature of dry air than humid air. During defrosting some water is returned to the room and a lot of unnecessary heat is released.
  • Maintaining a controlled relative humidity level in the cold storage room will minimize damage to packaging but also create a better working environment in general.

The configuration of the dehumidification solution depends on a number of factors where the layout of the building is one. Where are the ports located? How many are they and how they are operated etc etc. But also if there is an inner freezer storage room that needs to be protected.

Airwatergreen wants to assist you finding a suitable solution for your building!

With the right climate, you avoid problems and lower cost!

Maintaining a correct humidity level will address challenges with icing on the freezers, damage on packaging and give a safer working conditions in general. This will lower the energy consumption and minimize maintenance cost!

Dehumidifiers are more energy efficient in removing water from the air. Airwatergreen technology allows for the same efficiency at all temperatures – also low temperatures:

  • The cold room: The dehumidifiers can either be placed on the floor or attached to the wall depending on what is most relevant.
  • Entry and exit ports: It is through the ports that the humidity typically enters the storage building. The best solution is to remove the humidity close to the ports.

All our dehumidifier models are eqipped for wireless or wired control using Modbus

Connected dehumidifiers can be controlled from a facility management system.

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