Maintaining the right indoor climate at the same time lowering the running cost

Food production

The right air quality and indoor climate for food production!

In food production, air quality in terms of both temperature and humidity levels is important, as poor air quality can have a negative impact on both the quality of the food and the health of the employees.

An incorrect humidity level and temperature can lead to an increased presence of bacteria and mold in the air, which can affect the quality of the food produced.

For example, in the production of cheese, a suitable lower temperature is required for both production and further handling.

During certain stages of the production, a lot of moisture is generated both from the production as such, as from the food produced. In many cases it is important to maintain a specific humidity level in the air.

Regular cleaning of the production line with hot water means that momentary and strong increases in the humidity level in the premises regularly occur.

Defining the air challenge

Therefore, it is important to define what type of solution for the indoor climate is required:

  • Only lowering the moisture level
  • To maintain a specific moisture level over time
  • Being able to maintain a specific humidity level AND temperature over time (stable climate)

Airwatergreen’s products deliver effective air dehumidification at low temperatures with a really low electricity consumption and a low power output. In addition, they are very easy to install, so if you want to try it first, it will work great!

With our products it is possible to reduce the electricity consumption at the same time maintaining a good indoor climate!


To the right side of the door opening the NEXT does the same job as the traditional solution to the left – BIG difference in floor space!

Stable indoor climate

Stable indoor climate could be to dehumidifying/humidifying with a stand-alone NEXT-S.

  • The machine adjusts the humidity level either by dehumidifying or adding moisture without changing the temperature in the air!
  • Or the NEXT-S is integrated with the indoor climate system ensuring stability in terms of humidity level in the ventilation system.

By installing our one-stage HVAC NEXT-S, you can ensure in a smooth and energy-efficient way that you correct the air to exactly the right temperature and moisture content in a single process step!

The solution from Airwatergreen is not only energy efficient but the most compact technology available on the market.

Built-in intelligence

Airwatergreen’s products are prepared for easy integration and remote control with the proprietary cloud-based control system AWG Climate Control System.

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OneStep HVAC for food

– Application Sheet in English –

NEXT can more than halve dehumidification-related energy costs at all temperatures, even low ones. Minimal heating of dehumidified airflow also contributes to reduced energy consumption.

NEXT helps you to:

  • Avoid moisture-related damage in large spaces
  • Lower the electricity bill
  • Maintain the relative humidity level effectively at all temperatures – even low
  • Get one step closer to your set climate goals

In addition, it is very easy to install!

This is how the NEXT balance efficient dehumidification with low energy costs.

The NEXT uses Airwatergreen’s patented technology and has smart functions that make it possible to lower your energy consumption by up to 50%.

  • Turbo Mode provides doubled capacity to handle short-term additions of moisture, for example from opened doors during the delivery of goods or when goods that emit a lot of moisture are placed in the premises.
  • NEXT can dehumidify down to 30% RH at temperatures as low as 0°C. It makes it possible to lower heating costs and still achieve the desired indoor climate.

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The above are just some of the benefits of NEXT. Download the product sheet, visit the product page or book a demo to get more detailed information.


reduce your dehumidification related costs by up to 50%


more than 800 installations in 8 countries.

1 KW/kg

thanks to the desiccant and unique technology, NEXT only needs 1 KW/kg of reduced water

10.000 m3/h

the NEXT can process up to 10,000 m3/h of air

More unique features of the dehumidifier NEXT

Next för livsmedel, luftavfuktning

Low installation electricity power

NEXT nees only a 32A fuse, which gives a lower power connection cost

Simple installation

Air ducts are easily connected but the NEXT can also be installed as free blowing.

NEXT is easily controlled from an intuitive display or connected via Modbus to your climate system.

Safe and secure

A food-grade desiccant provides with a safe and secure environment for staff and others staying in the premises.