Maintaining the right climate when producing and handling food is important both from a quality and work environment perspective.

Estimating the exact level of the humidity load in a production room can be complicated. A lot depends on ventilation, temperatures and humidity levels outdoors, which vary over time, as well as moisture that comes from the food and the production itself.

Method to ensure the optimal solution

Therefore, to ensure a proposal for an optimized capacity we typically measure the humidity level and temperature in the room over a short time in consultation with the customer.

Based on the result we present a proposal for a solution that can be tested over  some time to verify the assessments that have been made before taking the final decision. This is made possible thanks to the ease of installation.

This methodology allows us to optimize the dimensioning of the installation. This is made possible because our dehumidifiers are so easy to install.

the right humidity level at a uniquely low electricity consumption!

Maintaining the correct relative humidity level is often important both during the production process and during the further handling of food.

Being able to do it with a uniquely low electricity consumption is a big advantage!

Different product alternatives

Depending on air volumes and the amount of moisture to be reduced, different products may be relevant. FLEX handles smaller spaces with a low moisture load, REX handles larger premises and NEXT is used to handle really large air volumes with a lot of moisture.

All our dehumidifiers have a low electricity consumption compared to traditional dehumidifiers and a high efficiency over their entire temperature range!

Stable indoor climate

In situations where both the humidity level and the temperature is neededd to be kept at a stable level, our NEXT-S can do this. In a process step. NEXT-S is an energy-efficient one-step HVAC solution!

All Airwatergreen products can be connected for remote monitoring and control. Connected dehumidifiers can both be controlled and also enable the collection of information from the dehumidifiers’ sensors for humidity and temperature.

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