Airwatergreen dehumidifiers are designed for this type of installation. Robust and made for easy installation. 

The dehumidifiers are equally energy efficient at all temperatures down to minus degrees. This makes it possible to lower unnecessary heating still maintaining a good climate by removing the moisture from the air.

Airwatergreen products are very easy to install as they do not require any unnecessary ventilation pipes. Dry air and water is produced on site and it is easy to connect all our products for remote monitoring.

Energy-efficient dehumidification in all climates.

The Infrastructure for the Management of Drinking Water and Wastewater is critical to society. This is infrastructure with buildings located above ground and below ground. The investments in the infrastructure are hugh and maintenance work over time is costly where damages caused by too high levels of humidity is a cost driver. Pipes, buildings, instruments and equipment are subject to corrosion and bacterial growth.

Drinking water installations

  • Waterworks; Treatment plants, Pipe galleries, Filter halls, Polymer rooms, personnel rooms and other spaces and storage. All with moisture challenges and cold surfaces that may generate condensation.
  • Pressure Stations with cold pipes and surfaces where dewpoint sensor control is recommended.
  • Water reservoars with a high level of humidity at typically a lower temperature and with cold surfaces.

Sewerage installations

  • Treatments plants; Pipe galleries, Filter halls, Cooling shafts, Personnel rooms and other spaces and storage. All with moisture challenges.
  • Pumping stations; Humidity with a risk for corrosion and in many cases with odour challenges where there is a need for reduction of hydrogen sulphides.


  • Airwatergreen is a member of SINFRA and procurement can therefore be done through these framework agreements