In archives it is important to maintain a stable indoor climate in terms of both humidity and temperature.

Airwatergreen energy efficient air treatment product NEXT-S is designed to create and maintain a stable humidity and temperature level with a high level of precision and stability.

With an airflow capacity of up to 10.000 m3/h the NEXT-S will adjust levels of humidity and temperature up or down to reach and maintain set values.

This is handled in one step, in one machine – this is a unique all-in-one solution. Compared to traditional multi-step machines our unique technology changes air conditions in one single process step. This enables more robust and precise control – even with a smaller foot-print – saving valuable space for the archive itself.

The NEXT-S can be installed as part of a ventilation system or independently using the built in fan for ventilation. The important factor is that the correct climate is maintained independent on fluctuations in the surrounding room/ventilated air.

The Airwatergreen patented technology is energy efficient using up to 30% less energy consumption as compared to traditional solutions.

Below ground

The challenge with archive installations below ground level is the installation of ventilation ducts. The temperature is typically stable over time but the humidity load can change. Airwatergreen technology allows for an easy installation with a minimum of ventilation ducts. Ventilation is only needed to collect or distribute the conditioned air – no regeneration air stream to outdoors is needed.

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Stable climate is provided by the NEXT-S:

  • High humidity control capacity

  • Wide range temperature control

  • Easy installation & operation

  • Safe and secure environment

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