During July until September the challenge is often too high temperatures and too much humidity in the air. In Nordic countries the challenge is also during the winter period with low temperatures and also too low humidity levels.

In some more sensitive areas – e.g. operating rooms and laboratories – the allowed variation of both temperature and humidity is typically strict.

Hospital buildings demand the highest level of indoor air quality!

The challenge is to create and maintain a correct and suitable relative humidity and temperature level in the entire building. Correct and stable over the year.

Airwatergreen technology


Our NEXT series of dehumidifiers have a high capacity in terms of airflow handling up to 10.000 m3 air/h. And removal of up to 500 kg water/24 hours at a very low energy consumption. 

Stable climate

With our Stable indoor climate solution NEXT-S both humidity level and temperature is adjusted and maintained at the correct levels. The Airwatergreen patented technology provide a robust one-step in one-machine solution at a low energy consumption.

Forget about several pieces of equipment possibly from several suppliers. With NEXT-S you can control the environment during summer and winter times with one single machine!


The product selection depends on the specific requirements. Is there a only a need for dehumidification the FLEX, REX or NEXT will be the alternatives.

If there is a need to maintain a stable climate the NEXT-S is the choice.

Flex - Rex - Next