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Hospital buildings are required to maintain the highest level of indoor air quality.

The challenge is to create and maintain a correct and appropriate relative humidity and temperature throughout the building. Accurate and stable throughout the year.

During July to September, the challenge in the North is often too high temperatures and excessive humidity. In the winter period with low temperatures, the challenge is not only the low temperature but also the low level of humidity.

In more sensitive premises – e.g. In operating rooms and laboratories, there are high demands to keep both temperature and humidity stable at a specific level. Whatever the time of year.

Stable climate

With our stable indoor climate solution (single-stage HVAC solution), both humidity and temperature are adjusted to the desired level. Airwatergreen’s patented technology provides a robust, all-in-one solution in a machine with uniquely low power consumption.

With NEXT-S, you can control the environment in both summer and winter with a single machine and maintain exactly the desired climate!


Our NEXT range of dehumidifiers has a very high capacity in terms of airflow management of up to 10,000 m3 air/hour. NEXT has the capacity to reduce up to 500 kg of water/24 hours with very low electricity consumption.

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Product selection

Flex - Rex - NextThe choice of product depends on the specific requirements. If only dehumidification is needed, FLEX, REX or NEXT are the options.

If there is a need to maintain a stable climate, NEXT-S is the choice!