Airwatergreen has extensive experience of cultural buildings, and close cooperation with leading researchers and supporting bodies. With smart dehumidification, microclimate and mold problems are avoided.

A the Airwatergreen technology allow for the same efficiency also at low temperature, unnecessary heating of spaces that are not needed for comfort can be lowered. In this way drastically reducing the operating costs and the climate footprints!

In some buildings it is important to maintain strict control of the temperature and the relative humidity level. A stable indoor climate independent of the changes in the air outside.

At the same time, our cultural-historical heritage is preserved for future generations!


The oldest cultural-historical buildings in Sweden will fill almost a thousand years. Preserving these buildings from an antiquarian and energy-efficient way is an important question in focus. Since the beginning of heating and additional insulation of these buildings, the indoor climate has changed drastically, also the conditions for a climate-smart conservation.

  • Churches
  • Castle
  • Attics in these buildings
  • Crawl space in these buildings
  • Textile Storage
  • Museums
  • Archives