The advantages with our products

Efficient desiccant dehumidification at ALL temperatures!


The portable easy to mount on the wall dessicant dehumidifier.

FLEX works just as well in all temperatures – even below zero. Removes moisture from the air as liquid water, quickly and efficiently. Superior energy efficiency in lower temperatures, which allows a lowering of the temperature with a maintained selected moisture level. Same efficiency at all humidity levels down to 20% RH.

Easy plug-n-play installation, management and maintenance have made FLEX a favorite. Selectable control via sensors for humidity (RH), temperature, dew point or mould index.

Cloud connection via Wifi for remote control from your smartphone. Or  connect to a control system that you have today with Modbus.



The industrial high capacity dehumidifier.

REX is a powerful and energy efficient dehumidifier that delivers on a whole new level. Also at low temperatures. It dehumidifies large amounts of water from the air in a very energy efficient manner without the need for ventilation. All energy is preserved in the room. Can be connected to available channels or work independently. Optional control with sensors for relative humidity level (RH), temperature, dew  point or mould index.

Designed for installations in tough environment.

Integrated with all control systems on the market via Modbus.



A carbon filter to remove bad odor.

BLACKBOX is an effective air filter that removes smelly and corrosive molecules such as hydrogene sulphides. Specially adapted for the Water and Sewer industry. Developed to be combined with efficient dehumidification from the Airwatergreen for optimum capacity. Mounted on the wall and connected to the station’s ventilation.

Reduces environmental complaints and creates a safer and better workplace and reduces the corrosion of the equipment. The neighbors will thank you!