The benefits of our products

A product overview for efficient air treatment with uniquely low electricity consumption!

Good in ALL climates

The same unique energy efficiency regardless of temperature or season. Summer and winter! No heating of the air is needed and all energy can be conserved inside the building if desired.

Easy installation

Plug-n-play installation without unnecessary routing of ventilation pipes. Easy to move around but also prepared for fixed installation. Minimal installation costs and low maintenance costs over time.

Fully integrable

Can be easily connected to various systems on the market for remote monitoring and control via Wifi and Modbus. Get full control of your operating statistics and information on the climate in your premises.

Reduced costs

Reduce heating and lower operating costs. Ensure a good climate for your employees! Save energy and maintenance – at the same time! All supplied energy stays in the building.

Product overview


Portable dehumidifier for small to medium-sized buildings.

FLEX works equally well in all temperatures, making it possible to reduce the temperature in premises while maintaining the chosen humidity level.

Easy installation, management and maintenance have made FLEX a favorite. Optional control via relative humidity (RH) sensors, dew point control with external sensor. Possibility of external control via WiFi or Modbus connection.

Want to learn more about how our technology works? Read more on the FAQ page

FLEX luftavfuktare


The medium capacity industrial dehumidifier.

REX is a powerful and energy efficient dehumidifier even at low temperatures.

REX removes large amounts of water from the air in a very energy-efficient way. It can also be connected to available ducts to distribute the air or work free-blowing.

REX automatically controls to the set value of the desired relative humidity (RH) level or connected to the control system via Modbus interface.

Want to learn more about our technology? See our FAQ page for more information.


Industrial dehumidification for high to very high moisture loads.

NEXT is suitable for installation in large buildings, drying facilities, warehouses, quarries, treatment plants,
Ice rinks. Premises with large air volumes and high moisture loads.

NEXT is based on our patented technology that uses a food grade liquid desiccant. This technology offers a number of unique advantages over traditional dehumidifiers.


  • More than halved energy consumption and lower connection power
  • Easy installation – Free-blowing or duct-connected
  • Remote monitoring and operation
  • Turbo mode for handling short-term doubled moisture loads
NEXT product, NEXT för livsmedel


A one-step HVAC solution for total control of indoor air quality.

NEXT-S is a family of air handling units aimed at installations where a stable climate is required in terms of both humidity level and temperature.

Such as in Food production, Archives, Laboratories, Process industry, Museums etc.

NEXT-S uses our patented technology that allows incoming airflow to be regulated in terms of humidity and temperature both up and down.

  • Air treatment is done in ONE process step to control both temperature and humidity levels – up or down depending on what is needed to reach the desired level.
  • Simple control with built-in intelligence that supports communication and control from any overlaying systems.
  • Good robustness to rapid changes in incoming airflow
  • The energy consumption is very low and also the connection power.
  • Easy installation prepared for connection to ventilation system or free blowing with built-in ventilation fan
NEXT product, NEXT för livsmedel


A carbon filter for an odor-free climate in the water and wastewater industry (VA).

BLACKBOX is an effective carbon filter that removes odorous and corrosive molecules such as hydrogen sulphide.

Specially adapted for the water and wastewater industry. Designed to be combined with efficient dehumidification from Airwatergreen for optimal performance. Mounted on the wall and connected to the station’s ventilation.

Reduces environmental complaints, creating a safer and better workplace and reducing corrosion of equipment.