NEXT luftavfuktare

industrial dehumidification for high to very high HUMIDITY loads

Dehumidification is typically a “needs to be done”, Until now!

With the dehumidifier NEXT, it may be possible to reduce the energy consumption with up to 50% or more.

With NEXT, the relative humidity level in the air passing through the machine is adjusted to set values in a very energy efficient manner as compared to traditional technology. As part of the ventilations system or free standing

Typical installations are in process plants, cold storage rooms, food industry, water treatment plants, ice hockey rinks and other larger premises with large air volumes and high humidity loads.

With our patented technology and smart functions, it may be possible to reduce more than halve your energy cost related to dehumidification!

High capacity

NEXT240 can continuously dehumidify 240kg of water per day. NEXT480 can handle the double.

Turbo feature

With the Turbo mode, the NEXT can handle two times the humidity load during a shorter period of time from, for example, opened doors. This makes it possible to dimension for standard operation and still be able to handle short-term higher moisture loads.

Easy installation

NEXT is designed to be connected to existing ventilation ducts but can also be operating free-standing.

Safe and secure environment

With a “food-grade” high quality non toxic desiccant, the handling during service is simple and it is also good for the environment.


  • Working range (°C): 0°C to + 40°C
  • Dehumidifying capacity (1 / 24h): 240
  • Momentary capacity (turbo mode): Double capacity
  • Working range relative humidity level: 30% to 100%
  • Connection: 400V 3-phase 50Hz 32A
  • Connection power (kW): <17
  • Air flow (m3 / h): Up to 10,000
  • Static pressure (Pa): <250
  • Dimensions WxHxL (mm): 1,800 x 1,800 x 1,800
  • Weight dry / operation (kg): 430/630
  • Noise (dB): <83
  • Communication: Modbus or TCP / IP


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