Reduces humidity content and operating costs


EffICIENT dehumidification does not have to be costly? Not anymore!

If you work with operation and maintenance of large buildings with humidity challenges, such as cold storage, process plants or ice hockey halls, you know how difficult it is to balance efficient dehumidification with low costs.

Either you choose efficient dehumidification with high energy consumption, or less expensive solutions but with poorer efficiency.

With the dehumidifier NEXT, you do not have to choose!

NEXT can reduce your dehumidification-related energy costs by up to 50% while maintaining efficiency at all temperatures. The NEXT helps you to:

  • Avoid humidity-related challenges in large buildings, also at low temperatures
  • Maintain a very stable relative humidity level over time
  • Help you addressing your sustainability goals

This is how NEXT balances efficient dehumidification and low energy cost

NEXT uses a new patented technology and equipped with a number of smart functions and capabilities.

  • NEXT can dehumidify down to 30% RH at temperatures as low as 0°C. This makes it possible to reduce unnecessary heating costs and still achieve the desired indoor climate.
  • Turbo Mode that provides doubled capacity to handle momentary humidity load, from, for example, opened doors when delivering goods. This makes it possible to dimension for the nominal capacity need still being able to handle shorter periods of higher humidity load.

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The elements above are just some of the benefits of NEXT. Download the product sheet, visit the product page or book a demo using the form above to get more detailed information.


reduce your dehumidification-related costs by up to 50%


we have more than 600 installations of dehumidifiers in 8 countries.

1 KW/kg

thanks to the desiccant and unique technology, NEXT consumes only 1 KW / kg water reduced.

10.000 m3/h

NEXT handles air flows of up to 10.000 m3 / h

More unique features of the dehumidifier NEXT

Low installation power

NEXT manages with a 32A fuse, which provides a lower connection cost

Easy installation

NEXT is designed to be operating as free-flow or duct connected.

NEXT is easily controlled from an intuitive display or connected via Modbus to your climate control system.

Safe and secure environment

A food-grade dessicant provides a safe and secure environment and easy handling during maintenance