Ventilation using a carbon filter removes bad odor

Is there a smell like rotten egg smell coming from the drain? Then you probably have problems with hydrogen sulfide. In that case the BLACKBOX – ODORLESS CLIMATE can help out! BLACKBOX is a carbon filter that effectively removes bad odors by removing hydrogen sulfide, mercaptans and ammonia.

A carbon filters the air

The carbon used in BLACKBOX is designed to remove complex odor challenges, for example, when ventilating sewage pumping stations. In a pumping station, the air is sucked with hydrogen sulphide from the odor source up through the BLACKBOX where the odor is filtered out and then further out of the building.

Installation is simple and easy!

  • Blackbox is mounted on a suitable wall
  • Pipes are drawn that lead the air to the carbon filter and then further out of the building
  • A duct fan sucks the air through the Blackbox carbon filter

We recommend that you first lower the humidity level in the air in the pump station below 70% RH, this will  prolong the life time of the carbon. 

Experience from a large number of installations with odorless climate where we use our dehumidifier FLEX together with Blackbox shows that:

  • The bad smell is removed
  • Energy consumption can be reduced
  • You get an improved work environment
  • Reduced maintenance costs!


The carbon filter Blackbox – an effective solution for pumping stations and sewage treatment plants that want to remove bad odors!

We also provide a suitable fan for your installation!

  • Dimensions: 500x410x940 mm
  • Weight (empty): 20 kg
  • Weight (with coal): 70 kg
  • Connection (in- and out): Ø 125 mm
  • Airflow: Max 150 m3/h

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