Works equally well in ALL temperatures

FLEX is designed to condense moisture in all possible environments and works equally energy efficiently at all temperatures, even at zero degrees.

FLEX enables lowering of the temperature without risking increasing humidity levels. In this way you will be able to reduce heating and save cost, energy and the environment.

FLEX is an intelligent desiccant dehumidifier based our patented technology. The FLEX is usually configured to reach a predefined level of relative humidity (RH), typically below 55%. If the levels are reached – then the dehumidifier pauses saving energy. It is however continuously monitoring the moisture and temperature levels to start up if needed.

  • Half the energy needed as compared to traditional technology
  • The same efficiency at all temperatures – even below 0 degrees
  • The same efficiency at all moisture levels from 10% – 100% RH
  • Easy plug-n-play installation without pulling unnecessary ventilation pipes

Installation is plug-n-play. All you need is a standard 220V electrical connection and a way to take care of the produced water. No ventilation pipes are needed.


Assessories available for the FLEX

The Dew point sensor:  The FLEX can be set to be controlled by a dew point sensor attached to any cold surface to avoid condensation. This will guarantee optimize operation controlling the FLEX to set the humidity level needed. Dew point control is used to avoid corrosion on cold pipes as cold air can not hold as much water (e.g. a cold soda can in the summer).

The Temp Guard function: is available in FLEX series Smart, Cloud and Integrate. Temp Guard is used to maintain a certain temperature in the room to avoid freezing temperature. With this function active the dehumidifier can be set to act as an element if a certain predefined temperature is passed. With the Temp Guard function activated, the dehumidifier alone creates an optimal climate at the lowest cost.


4 models: Basic, Smart, Cloud, Integrate


There are a number of accessories designed for FLEX:

  • Container trolley; a 40 L container on wheels that collects reduced water when no drain is available. The FLEX is placed on top and can, with the help of the trolley, also easily be moved. The tank is emptied using a tap.
  • Wall mount kit; a wall mounting bracket designed for the FLEX. To keep the floor free in small spaces.
  • Filter kit; a kit with silica gel granulate that replaces existing silica gel – to maintain optimum performance.

FLEX desiccant dehumidification capacity per temperature

This graph shows that the dehumidifier’s capacity is independent of humidity (10% – 100% Rh). It also show that the efficiency is maintained down to below -10 degrees Centigrade.

What is included in the package?

Your FLEX comes with a Filter kit with granules, a 3 m hose and a hose clamp, a user manual and a Quick install manual for a quick and handy installation.




Do you have problems with condensation on cold surfaces?
See how our dew point control function will help you.


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