Works equally efficient in all temperatures! Intelligent, powerful and integrable.

REX is a powerful warm condensing desiccant dehumidifier that works just as well at all temperatures – high and low.

The REX efficiently removes unwanted moisture from the air in your building and ensures a suitable level of relative humidity. This is the industrial solution for efficiently dehumidifying large volumes of air.

REX is a mobile, industrial dehumidifier for larger buildings and where there is a higher humidity load challenge.

The dehumidifier has a unique low energy consumption. Having the same energy efficiency at all temperatures open up to reduce unnecessary heating without risking high relative humidity levels as the machine works equally well at low temperatures. The unique advantages are made possible thanks to Airwatergreen patented technology.Luftavfuktning av Kyllager

The REX also have the same efficiency at all levels of relative humidity down to 20%RH. This may be an important factor in warm buildings with cold surfaces where you want to avoid condensation.

The cost for installation and service is kept at a minimum, as the unit is independently operated and mobile. The REX can be installed without any unnecessary ventilation pipes reducing the complexity of installation. This also makes installation easy in buildings under ground or in sensitive buildings.

REX can be controlled to operate using a set level of relative humidity (RH) or connected to external systems via modbus. This enables real-time monitoring and control through laptops and smartphones.


Intelligent, powerful and integrable

Optional Features

  • REX Rough : An adaptation of our REX dehumidifier with extra filters and adjustments. These adaptations are available for installations in tough environment such as sewage treatment plants and similar.

  • Extra strong pumps: For installations where we need to pump out/up the condensate.


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