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Water and Sewerage

NEXT240 i produktion av dricksvatten

Production of drinking water Tekniska Verken Linköping

In the production of drinking water, large volumes of raw water are handled, which is mostly taken from underground sources. The raw water typically comes at a low temperature of between 3 - 10°C...

Oslo Kommune, water and sewage, FLEX dehumidifier, Airwatergreen

Oslo Municipality

The Municipality of Oslo is reorganising its utility network, with a large part of the facilities being reviewed with a focus on energy efficiency, work environment and automation….

Korrosion på rör


Drinking water reservoirs often face challenges with moisture. This can lead to mould formation, corrosion but also damage to instruments and equipment….

Vattenverket - Ystad Kommun

Ystad Municipality

We have had problems with condensation in some areas of our facility. So in order to achieve a better climate in our process rooms and well houses, we contacted Airwatergreen…

Hallertau - Germany

Hallerteau in Bavaria (Ger)

There have been continuous challenges with heavy condensation on the cold pipes transporting water and a lot of water on the floor…

Logistics and Storage

NEXT i Linköping

Cold storage of 10.000m2

Moisture typically enters through gaps in loading dock gates, even if they are professionally installed, and the challenge is greatest during summer months….

Referenscase Kyllager - Jan 2023

Cold storage of 4.000m2

Ice is continuously formed on the cooling units requiring repeated defrosting. Slipping accidents can also occur due to condensation on cold floors….

Wohlin Liten

Wohlins cold storage facilities

When unloading and loading trucks into and out of cold storage buildings, a common challenge is that warm humid air penetrates into the loading hall…

Food Industry

NEXT240 - Kyllager Martin & Servera

Cold storage at Martin & Servera

During much of the year, humid air penetrates cold storage facilities even in northern Sweden. Moisture that condenses on cold surfaces can lead to slip accidents and other incidents, ...

REX - Produktion av glass

Ice Cream production: SIA Glass

In the production of ice cream, it is necessary to maintain a low temperature at all stages to ensure good quality. Challenges with humidity are best handled with Airwatergreen's dehumidifiers...

Food industry

Cold storage and drying of meat

Since the temperature in the refrigerated storage rooms used is around 4°C, there will be an increased relative humidity level in the room with condensation and risk of mold formation. As it is food that is handled, it is important to manage these risks….



3C Production

Since our goal is to have a completely sustainable factory in terms of energy consumption, 3C is constantly looking for alternative solutions. Self-sufficiency in electricity and no carbon dioxide emissions is the goal…


VBN Components

VBN Components is a Swedish innovation company that has developed its own set of extremely tough, durable and resistant metals for additive manufacturing. The production environment handling metal powder requires strict control over the humdity level in the air…..



Helgarö church

The church building has for a long period experienced problems with high humidity levels and mould growth on walls and fixtures. Humidity studies have been conducted which have shown very high moisture levels during some parts of the year…

Uppåkra kyrka

Uppåkra church

The church’s indoor climate has previously caused problems with both mould and high heating costs. During the summer, the church was forced to heat up to nearly 30 degrees to reduce the moisture load, at the expense of both economy and comfort….

Sofia Albertina Kyrka

Sofia Albertina church

Among the new features added to the church during the renovation was a textile storage room. Church textiles are invaluable legacies of the church’s history, and mould and other moisture-related problems risk destroying them unless the climate is carefully controlled…

Säffle Pastorat

Säffle parish

Säffle parish has always been lying at the forefront when it comes to property management. For exemple, they were among the first to install climate control systems in their churches. Today, the church’s indoor climate is optimised based on moisture, wind and temperature…




The facility is located in a underground rock chamber of approximately 38,000m3 where moisture penetrates into the room via the rock walls. As the facility is used for sports, it is important that the moisture is kept at an appropriate level…

Byggprocessen, luftavfuktning i fastigheter


Construction of the 10,000 square metre office building started in 2018 and occupancy is scheduled for the end of 2020/2021. The aim is to reduce energy consumption in accordance with the schedule…


Västeräng School

The background to the installation was that staff and pupils had been complaining of headaches and itchy eyes for some time. An inspection revealed mould in the crawl space under the school…

Flex i Kraftringen_Lund


Since March 2016, the district heating chambers are protected by dehumidifiers based on hot condensation that have reduced the amount of moisture in the air…

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